Facesitting Mania

Hot girls facesitting male slaves

Lady Tanya smothers one of her slaves under her ass. She's just wearing a sexy tiny thong and he has to smell her ass und pussy. She loves to degrade men this way - forcing them to serve her as her living seat pad.

Sandrine is a French pro wrestler and loves to humiliate her opponents after she won a mixed wrestling match. She especially loves to facesat them while her ass is still sweaty and smelly from the match. Of course her opponent today is totally exhausted and can't fight her 182 lbs / 90 kg off - he's just trapped under her ass while she enjoys her victory.

Weronika finds a burglar in her house when she comes home. She immediately fights him down to ground and sits down on chest to pin him. She tells him that she could call the police - but as it will take too long until he's punished she'll be his judge - and she sentences him to ... suffocation under her ass! That said she moves forward and her crotch comes down right on his nose. She gets up a few times - lets him breathe - gives him hope to survive before she takes a cushion, places it on his face and sits down - telling him that this was the last time she got up and he'll be smothered to death now!

Lady Melissa loves to smother and facesit her slaves. This bound slave is smothered by her hands and feet first but she soon sits down on his face and uses her ass and crotch to smother him. She just loves to feel his nose digging into her ass and his moaning while he's fighting to breathe. She controls his breath now - and he better accepts this fast!

Mistress Scarlet is an awesome facesitting mistress in her mid-twenties from the UK. She makes this guy suffer under her ass and forces him to smell her panties. As she's an experienced facesitter he has no chance to get her ass lifted unless she wants to let him breathe for a second. She just loves to grind her ass into his face and feel his nose under her ass and pussy.

Sexy 19yo Nadja decides to punish this old loser by sitting on him with her sexy ass. She smothers him under the hard jeans and he has no chance to fight back. He will have to accept this humiliating punishment.

This old jerk thought he could sneak into Mistress Ass' bedroom - but she sees him and now demands that he sniffs her stinky big ass to apologize. He does as he's told because he knows he has no chance against this big girl - but she isn't satisfied so she sits down on his face - burying him under her huge butt. He surely can't breathe anymore with her full weight pressing down on his face - he can only hope that she'll get up before he's suffocated.

This slave was behaving very good in the last weeks so Lady Anja decides to do him a favor - to be allowed to feel his goddesses' ass on his face! Anja is wearing skin tight jeans and has fun playing with her slave's breath. She even does some light butt drops on his face. Maybe if he behaves well he'll be facesat again without the jeans!

Miss Jackson doesn't have much respect for her loser husband and mainly uses him as her living ass cushion nowadays. Today she sits down on his face wearing sexy lingerie. He has to smell her ass and the panties she wore the whole day and also carry his wife's weight on his face. He better accepts that she is the boss in their relationship or maybe she won't get up some time when he needs to breathe!

Xana's boyfriend cheated on her and now he gets punished by Xana and her sexy girlfriend Makali. They take turns sitting on his face in tight shorts and smother him under their great asses. They verbally humiliate him while they sit on his face and tell him that a cheating asshole like he is doesn't deserve better than sniffing girl's ass and that they'll use him as their human seat from now on whenever they like.

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