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Hot girls facesitting male slaves

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Lady Anja has a big ass. She loves to use it to lure guys for humiliation for her own fun. She did that to this loser today as she teased him and she got him turned on. She then went ahead and facesat on him for her own fun. At first, he thought she was being naughty, but he realized she was dominating him but he could do nothing about it.

Lady Anja granted one of her loyal money slaves to come over for a facesitting session. She looks great and sits down on his face right away. She verbally humiliates him while sitting on his face for being such a pathetic loser - that not only pays girls to humiliate him - but even pays them to place their stinky bums right on his nose!

This slave was behaving very good in the last weeks so Lady Anja decides to do him a favor - to be allowed to feel his goddesses' ass on his face! Anja is wearing skin tight jeans and has fun playing with her slave's breath. She even does some light butt drops on his face. Maybe if he behaves well he'll be facesat again without the jeans!

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