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Mistress Katy is a lesbian but this guy did not know. She was so horny and she wanted to try a new way to cum. And she used this guy to do it but it was not penetrative. She facesat on him and she got him to lick her pussy until she came. But she did not fuck him as he had expected her to. She told him she was a lesbian.

This mistress found out that her slave had been taking photos of her ass and her pussy secretly. He did it when she was dressing and when she was taking a shower. When she found out, she was mad and she had to punish him for it. She crushed his face with her ass and she farted on him for good measure. She deleted all the images he had taken and she made sure he would never do that again.

Mistress Natasha and this guy had booked a hotel room for some fun. but she was shocked to find out he had a small dick. She did not tell him she was disappointed by it. But she knew she would not be satisfied. So she quickly changed tact and she facesat on him pretending it was for fun but she did it and rubbed her clit against his face until she came then she left the hotel and went away citing an emergency.

Mistress Gina did not feel like having sex with her boyfriend. She knew that telling him would hurt his ego so she chose to do that in another way. She turned on him and she facesat on him pretending that it was for fun when in fact, it was to humiliate him and turn him off. As the pain got more and more intense, he told her he was turned off.

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