Facesitting Mania

Hot girls facesitting male slaves

All articles in archive 7/2010

Sexy 19yo Nadja decides to punish this old loser by sitting on him with her sexy ass. She smothers him under the hard jeans and he has no chance to fight back. He will have to accept this humiliating punishment.

This old jerk thought he could sneak into Mistress Ass' bedroom - but she sees him and now demands that he sniffs her stinky big ass to apologize. He does as he's told because he knows he has no chance against this big girl - but she isn't satisfied so she sits down on his face - burying him under her huge butt. He surely can't breathe anymore with her full weight pressing down on his face - he can only hope that she'll get up before he's suffocated.

This slave was behaving very good in the last weeks so Lady Anja decides to do him a favor - to be allowed to feel his goddesses' ass on his face! Anja is wearing skin tight jeans and has fun playing with her slave's breath. She even does some light butt drops on his face. Maybe if he behaves well he'll be facesat again without the jeans!

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